Marine Technical Services

MTS offers electronics sales, installation, service, repair, and warranty work on all brands of marine electronics by factory trained and certified technicians.   MTS technicians are also certified by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA).

MTS also provides sales, installation, service, and repair of all marine electrical systems by ABYC Certified Marine Electricians. 

We proudly represent the leading brands as a full service technical dealer.

We sell and install your equipment and we stand behind the functional end result.  With MTS you are not buying a box or renting an installer.  We will work with you from beginning to end to understand your needs, specify a complete system to meet those needs, then provide professional, complete, and respectful installation, setup/configuration, orientation, and post-sales support.

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GREATLY appreciate you

Holy bad OEM decisions Batman! THANK YOU GUYS, and Adam specifically for tracking that down. Whoa. I will be sharing those photos with the 3 other MH40 owners I know in the local area. GREATLY appreciate you figuring out the problem and averting/correcting what might have resulted in a fire.


Tom F.

Recommended to everyone

Thank you for once again taking care of me so quickly. Cannot say enough good stuff about your company, and have recommended you to everyone that needs work done.


John W.

You and your team ROCK

DUDE, You and your team ROCK, Thanks again for all your help. I’ve been spreading the word about your company to ALL my boating friends.


Bryan K.

Very valuable

Ryan, Thanks to you and Adam for helping me with my boat issues. The time Adam spent with educating me about the electrical system on the boat was very valuable and gives me a lot more confidence in how to operate the boat.


Wade S.

First rate

They are first rate and stand behind their service, plus they are a Victron Dealer with units in stock. Also, they service and install a wide range of marine electrical products. This is an unqualified recommendation based upon multiple experiences. Give them a shout with your questions/problems.


Larry L.


I just want to thank you for another excellent job. The battery system is simply amazing. I don’t have to think about it. I just watch the depth of discharge. It is so far from the fretting and concern I used to have about the batteries and everything they control and enable, especially the engine.

I simply cannot thank you enough. I’m sure you don’t need any endorsements, but I would be happy to provide one.

I have very high expectations of you because you have set a high standard for yourselves that I have come to really appreciate. In general you exceed my expectations, but this time you have really done it. I am gobsmacked.

While I’m at it, I would also like to note how much value I attach to how well you stand behind your work and the products you install.

You just did it so well!


Peter K.

Customer for almost 15 years

I have been an MTS customer for almost 15 years. I have a 1979 Mariner 28 Sailboat that is a constant state of refurbishment.

Every single Electric/Electronic modernization effort has been performed by MTS. I simply don’t trust it to any one else. From Ryan the Owner, Chris the Sales Manager, Ryan the Service Manager and Ryan the technician (Not sure how Chris got hired since his name isn’t Ryan!). All are top professionals who have been patient and willing with an old boat and its owner. I have learned a lot from these guys.

Recently I met Andy who is a Landing School graduate and a MTS technician. The Landing School is one of the best maritime schools located in Maine. Andy is a true maritime professional.

MTS work that was done over a decade ago looks like it was installed yesterday. Anybody on the east coast should consider these guys for marine boat work.


Andy O.

Thank you!

Ryan and the MTS Crew….Thank you!


Gary L.

Outstanding work

Ryan, Thank you for all of the effort and time that you, Conor, and Andy put into the sailboat. Yes, I know you were paid, but it was outstanding work. We will come visit, soon. The dog said he wants to eat your new door stop at first opportunity.


Chris W.

Great service

This is just a short note to say thank you for coming to RWAV on Saturday afternoon to sort out and fix our new Inverter/Charger. Thank so much for your prompt response to our call, and the spot on training session on the I/C operation. MTS provides great service, and we certainly experienced it.


Larry L.

Knows his stuff

Technician is very good – knows his stuff.


David T.

Works like new

System works like new! Many thanks for your diligence in finding a solution!


David R.

Well done

Adam, Thank you SO much for this work. We will literally sleep better due to your efforts. Well done. Please enjoy the holiday weekend, and thank you so much for completing in time for me to take the boat out for the next week!


Tom F.

Great job

Thanks Chris. MTS and Professor Young did a great job on the windless install. Much appreciated. I really do think this is my last big project. Steve says there are too many electrons buzzing through her 36 feet. Sounds as unlikely as “too much fun”, a theory that never happens in real life.


Warren D.

Fine job

Thank you for doing such a fine job today. We are very pleased with the work you did. Repositioning the Furuno compass sensor was a great idea and we are pleased with the result.
If we need any electrical work done we will surely stop by here on our way back south this coming Fall.


John F.

Freaking awesome

You guys are so freaking awesome.


Steve A.

Nothing short of amazing

We can’t thank you and the MTS team enough for your excellent service. This old boat has more secret problems than you could imagine. Every time I fix one thing, I discover five more problems. Tom was great to work with, and Andy’s phone support was nothing short of amazing. We’re on our way today, thanks to MTS. We hope you continue to have a safe, productive, and profitable season.


Dave N.


Thank you for the quick work and all worked flawlessly!


Jude B.

Go the extra mile

Once again I appreciate you going the extra mile and the great customer service. ….made life much happier. Just another reason I tell people about the great work you do and always try to be fair to your clients.


Bob N.

Great service

Just a quick word of thanks for your help today! Really appreciate the quick response! As always great service from our MTS friends!


Jeff W.


You guys are superb.


Jason S.

Honest and fair

Awesome news that the engines are working again.

I appreciate your write-down of the 2.75 hours. Obviously I didn’t know what it would take to diagnose and resolve this problem. One of the things I like about working with MTS is that you are honest and fair in all of our dealings. But as it turns out…I keep finding reasons to give you more business .

Also, thanks for providing the perfect level of detail in your email and on the invoice.


Jeff. W.


Thank you for the quick turn around on this repair. I was going to pull it apart when I was out to Herrington next time but you guys beat me to it. I was expecting to have to replace the control. Thanks, you guys are awesome!


Steve S.

Prompt service

Thank you so much for the prompt service in replacing my batteries! I’ll be at the boat tomorrow and will see your handiwork.
As usual, MTS is professional and efficient. I wish I could use you for all my maintenance needs!


Paula G.


I continue to be so impressed with the contractors at Herrington North. In particular, ….. Marine Technical Services….. have had excellent communication, accurate estimates and timely completion of the work. Very nice.


Stafford S.

Looks great

Looks great. Thanks for taking care of this for us. My experience with Herrington Harbour and the private contractors has been the best!


Sherwood W.

Best Marine Contractor

I have been boating for over 50 years and I’ve owned cruising boats on the Chesapeake Bay for 27 years. MTS may be the best marine contractor I’ve ever worked with. The team was knowledgeable and the work quality was excellent. Equally important, they were responsive over phone and email, and they clearly cared about delivering great service and helping me understand the technology I was buying.

I spoke with many contractors and found MTS to be price competitive, though I’ve heard others say they’re a bit expensive. They have a good rep and as a result are often busy. I recommend you wait until MTS is available rather than search for a second tier option.


Ned C.

Energy, intelligence, capability

I just wanted to say how very much I appreciate your energy, intelligence, and capability, not to mention putting up with my old boat and this old guy. I hope you feel at least half as good about it as I do.


Peter K.

Great customer service

I just wanted to follow up and say thank you for the great customer service your team provided. I really appreciate your quick turnaround on my battery charger installation. I was able to get the engines up and running and winterized this past weekend. Adam did an excellent job and Ryan was great with coordinating all communications, so that everyone was on the same page on what parts were needed and how the installation would be approached. You guys really know how to manage the customer experience. I hope you all have a great holiday season!


Greg H.

First rate

Ryan, thanks for all of your (and Andy’s) help. I was/am very happy with the process (i.e. considerate thought) that went into narrowing down the problem without doing things that were unnecessary…it did turn out that we needed to replace much of the system, but because of the planning, testing, communication and pictures all along the way, I feel that what was done is exactly what needed to be done. Andy’s work is first rate as I looked at the valves and the new connections on the pump and power steering units. I also enjoyed the time with Andy on the sea trial…learned things I didn’t know about my Garmin system… 🙂

The great news is that I am ready to go for spring fishing…other than removing the shrink wrap and putting the boat back into the water.

Thanks again and please feel free to have any future clients contact me looking for positive referrals…


Greg F.


You guys are incredibly responsive and I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate it.
Again: great job and fantastic responsiveness.


Antoine de C.


We cannot stress enough how pleased we were with the work that Andy did on our boat. He was thorough, explained everything, worked efficiently but also chatted a bit. It was a perfect experience. And we were seriously impressed by his expertise. He knows his stuff!!

Everything is now working great with our Raymarine. We had a small hiccup with the system still cycling after we left HHS but one quick email to Andy and he gave us some areas to check out to fix the issue. Perfect!


Mike A.

Really happy

The drive is fantastic and we are really happy with the results. It is so much quieter and works very well with the NAC-3. Thanks for all your help!!!!


Mark L.

Beautiful work

I checked it out over the weekend and just 1 word to Say, WOW!!!
What a great job!!!
Again thanks for the quick turn around and Beautiful work.


Ron E.

Superb in performance

In a world in which you leave your boat for the winter with hopes that contractors will come through, on time, as promised and on budget, Ryan and his team stand out. Never once did I lack confidence that the work would be performed on time and in a professional manner. Where other contractors often disappoint, MTS was superb in performance, and as an aside, the two solar panels they installed, among a number of other odds and ends, have been game changers. We cruise full-time in New England in the summers, and only once all summer have we had to turn to the generator to top up batteries. Many thanks to Ryan and his team.


Philip C.

Top tier of service providers

Having been a boat owner for nearly ten years, I’ve hired MTS for numerous projects. From day one, they’ve consistently exceeded my expectations, no matter how big or small the job. Their expertise shows not just in the outcomes that they achieve, but also in their ability and willingness to explain issues and solutions in plain terms that I can understand. They also consistently focus on their customer’s best interests. On the most recent job that MTS did for me yesterday, MTS fixed a system that I was expecting to have to replace. This saved me considerable money as well as the disruption that would have come with a more significant project. With their consistently excellent results and thoughtful, customer-centric approach to service, MTS stands in the top tier of service providers I’ve worked with over the years.


P.J. W.

Much more confident

Ryan and Andy,
Thanks for all you did on my boat. I feel much more confident about the electrical system.


Scott G.

Never disappoints!

Thanks guys much appreciated. MTS never disappoints!


Chris T.

Exceptional experience

Exceptional experience with MTS!


David S.

Unbelievable customer service-exceptional

Just a note to acknowledge the unbelievable customer service your team provided me yesterday…..This type of customer service is unheard of today. MTS has an exceptional team and everyone in the company should be proud of that.


Bill M.

Care and respect for boat

Once again, your guys were great. Knowledgeable, experienced and professional. It wasn’t a plug & play solution as we had hoped but they found the problem and fixed it! This is on top of the great job your other guy did last fall trouble shooting and fixing our charging problems. Regarding that, now that we have been underway for a week, I can confirm that the alternator charging is working better than ever! In addition to all that, we are impressed with the care and respect your team shows for our boat. They are very careful, which is really appreciated! Thanks again for another job well done!


Ted B.

Really happy

Thank you very much for this. You all likely think I’m nuts but I am really happy to have that data in the display now.

I know this—I won’t be going anywhere else for electronics work in the future!


Jason S.

Big plus

Thanks all. You turned a medium negative into a big plus.


Robert L.

Great team

Conor executed excellent installs on both of the tasks, as I would expect from MTS techs. You have a great team. Thanks for the quick turnaround.


Peter D.

High Standard

I thank you for this level of service. Adam is an impressive representative for your company. Thank you for driving to a high standard.


Peter K.

Second to none

We have used MTS to handle all of our marine electronic and electrical needs. MTS updated our navigation system, installed radar, added deck lights, fixed and reprogrammed a complex interior lighting system. Recently MTS upgraded all of our electrical systems to Lithium Phosphate Batteries. This is a complex undertaking that not only included a battery bank of three Victron lithium batteries but also included other components to include a battery management system, Balmar 170 amp alternator and Wakespeed regulator. The integration into our existing system saved on time and money while at the same time delivering on our long term energy needs. Ryan, the owner, worked with us in designing alternatives to an evolving set of requirements until we found a system that would meet our needs within a budget we had for the project. Andy, one of their top technical resources along with others, installed a top notch system that meets the coast guard and ABYC requirements for Lithium battery installation. MTS is highly regarded and consistently recommended within the trade. Their customer service is second to none. We highly recommend them for all of your electrical and electronic needs.


Allan I.

Very professional

Thanks for the quick response. Ryan did a great job, very professional. I will call you for future work.


Mike S.


What a pleasure you all were to work with. Ryan, what pros your team is. Thank you all!!


John W.

All the best to all of you

Our boat was sold this last Sunday. As much as I’ll miss the boat, I’ll also miss working with all of you during the past years.
All of you greatly contributed to making our sailing experience so very enjoyable and memorable. The boat was one of the great adventures of our lives and we thank you for all your fine work.
All the best to all of you.


Marjorie and Mark G.

5 star service

Thanks for the 5 star service you have provided since we began working together.


Mike D.

Great contractor/supplier/source of information

I’m grateful for everything you’ve done…. and Koodos to everyone involved!!!! You’ve been a great contractor/ supplier / source of information/ and …maybe a friend! Thanks for working with me, thanks for saving me money, always felt you’ve my interests at heart!


Bob K.

Most professional

Been traveling for past 10 days. Now in Florida. Want to thank MTS for the service. Most professional I have come across in last 5 years. Thanks again for the great service.


Dick R.


What to say…..JUST WOW! It looks amazing!!! Many thanks and appreciation!! And I feel so much safer now; can’t wait to see it in person shortly! My sincere thanks to you and team!!


Tom F.

Very happy with the service

Thank you and the entire MTS team for the professionalism in making these repairs. Everything from the questions asked by the person who took my initial call, to the communication from the technician, Ryan Cansler, was excellent. Very happy with the service, thanks to everyone.


Earl E.

Always Very Impressed

I want to say that I am always very impressed with how professional
you guys are. Right now I’m thinking about how you leave the boat when you
are done. Thank you.


Peter K.

Thank you!

I will always refer business to you guys.


Scott A.

Lucky to have you in our market

Thanks MTS,
I am just writing to let you know that we really appreciate your service and professionalism ! We are lucky to have you in our market.

Your recent inspections, upgrades and servicing of our onboard electrical systems have gone a long way to correct some serious previous installation deficiencies and to boost our operational confidence in our newly acquired (16) year old boat.


Cabot G.

Most Trusted Vendor

Thanks for your persistence! You folks always provide great service. You are the most trusted vendor in the marina!


Timothy M.

Complete success

Good morning Ryan. The maiden voyage of our boat was a complete success. All electronics were working perfectly – depth finder, music, everything great. Thank you.


Mark M.

Really happy

I just paid the invoice. I was really happy with Steve’s work. He was extremely professional and fixed the problem. I will definitely use you guys again for any electrical work on the boat. I will also recommend your work to the boaters at CYC. Have a great rest of your week.


Scott A.