Marine Technical Services

MTS offers electronics sales, installation, service, repair, and warranty work on all brands of marine electronics by factory trained and certified technicians.   MTS technicians are also certified by the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA).

MTS also provides sales, installation, service, and repair of all marine electrical systems by ABYC Certified Marine Electricians. 

We proudly represent the leading brands as a full service technical dealer.

We sell and install your equipment and we stand behind the functional end result.  With MTS you are not buying a box or renting an installer.  We will work with you from beginning to end to understand your needs, specify a complete system to meet those needs, then provide professional, complete, and respectful installation, setup/configuration, orientation, and post-sales support.

Exceptional experience

Exceptional experience with MTS!


David S.

Unbelievable customer service-exceptional

Just a note to acknowledge the unbelievable customer service your team provided me yesterday…..This type of customer service is unheard of today. MTS has an exceptional team and everyone in the company should be proud of that.


Bill M.

Care and respect for boat

Once again, your guys were great. Knowledgeable, experienced and professional. It wasn’t a plug & play solution as we had hoped but they found the problem and fixed it! This is on top of the great job your other guy did last fall trouble shooting and fixing our charging problems. Regarding that, now that we have been underway for a week, I can confirm that the alternator charging is working better than ever! In addition to all that, we are impressed with the care and respect your team shows for our boat. They are very careful, which is really appreciated! Thanks again for another job well done!


Ted B.

Really happy

Thank you very much for this. You all likely think I’m nuts but I am really happy to have that data in the display now.

I know this—I won’t be going anywhere else for electronics work in the future!


Jason S.

Big plus

Thanks all. You turned a medium negative into a big plus.


Robert L.

Great team

Conor executed excellent installs on both of the tasks, as I would expect from MTS techs. You have a great team. Thanks for the quick turnaround.


Peter D.

High Standard

I thank you for this level of service. Adam is an impressive representative for your company. Thank you for driving to a high standard.


Peter K.

Second to none

We have used MTS to handle all of our marine electronic and electrical needs. MTS updated our navigation system, installed radar, added deck lights, fixed and reprogrammed a complex interior lighting system. Recently MTS upgraded all of our electrical systems to Lithium Phosphate Batteries. This is a complex undertaking that not only included a battery bank of three Victron lithium batteries but also included other components to include a battery management system, Balmar 170 amp alternator and Wakespeed regulator. The integration into our existing system saved on time and money while at the same time delivering on our long term energy needs. Ryan, the owner, worked with us in designing alternatives to an evolving set of requirements until we found a system that would meet our needs within a budget we had for the project. Andy, one of their top technical resources along with others, installed a top notch system that meets the coast guard and ABYC requirements for Lithium battery installation. MTS is highly regarded and consistently recommended within the trade. Their customer service is second to none. We highly recommend them for all of your electrical and electronic needs.


Allan I.

Very professional

Thanks for the quick response. Ryan did a great job, very professional. I will call you for future work.


Mike S.


What a pleasure you all were to work with. Ryan, what pros your team is. Thank you all!!


John W.

All the best to all of you

Our boat was sold this last Sunday. As much as I’ll miss the boat, I’ll also miss working with all of you during the past years.
All of you greatly contributed to making our sailing experience so very enjoyable and memorable. The boat was one of the great adventures of our lives and we thank you for all your fine work.
All the best to all of you.


Marjorie and Mark G.

5 star service

Thanks for the 5 star service you have provided since we began working together.


Mike D.

Great contractor/supplier/source of information

I’m grateful for everything you’ve done…. and Koodos to everyone involved!!!! You’ve been a great contractor/ supplier / source of information/ and …maybe a friend! Thanks for working with me, thanks for saving me money, always felt you’ve my interests at heart!


Bob K.

Most professional

Been traveling for past 10 days. Now in Florida. Want to thank MTS for the service. Most professional I have come across in last 5 years. Thanks again for the great service.


Dick R.


What to say…..JUST WOW! It looks amazing!!! Many thanks and appreciation!! And I feel so much safer now; can’t wait to see it in person shortly! My sincere thanks to you and team!!


Tom F.

Very happy with the service

Thank you and the entire MTS team for the professionalism in making these repairs. Everything from the questions asked by the person who took my initial call, to the communication from the technician, Ryan Cansler, was excellent. Very happy with the service, thanks to everyone.


Earl E.

Always Very Impressed

I want to say that I am always very impressed with how professional
you guys are. Right now I’m thinking about how you leave the boat when you
are done. Thank you.


Peter K.

Thank you!

I will always refer business to you guys.


Scott A.

Lucky to have you in our market

Thanks MTS,
I am just writing to let you know that we really appreciate your service and professionalism ! We are lucky to have you in our market.

Your recent inspections, upgrades and servicing of our onboard electrical systems have gone a long way to correct some serious previous installation deficiencies and to boost our operational confidence in our newly acquired (16) year old boat.


Cabot G.

Most Trusted Vendor

Thanks for your persistence! You folks always provide great service. You are the most trusted vendor in the marina!


Timothy M.

Complete success

Good morning Ryan. The maiden voyage of our boat was a complete success. All electronics were working perfectly – depth finder, music, everything great. Thank you.


Mark M.

Really happy

I just paid the invoice. I was really happy with Steve’s work. He was extremely professional and fixed the problem. I will definitely use you guys again for any electrical work on the boat. I will also recommend your work to the boaters at CYC. Have a great rest of your week.


Scott A.


All the work MTS did is working great…pass on my thanks for the heroic efforts MTS put forth.


Tom W.

Top notch

Thankful for Adam’s work. Adam was top notch and very thorough.


Ed M.

Everything you did for us is working out really well

Chris- everything you guys did for us is working out really well. We are in Bermuda now. Autopilot the whole way with no problems, checking weather on the Iridium Go and listening to Sirius radio. Departing for USVI tomorrow at first light. Thanks again to you and your team.


Ken M.

High standard

I thank you for this level of service…. Adam is an impressive representative for your company. Thank you for driving to a high standard.


Peter K.

Super quality work

Chris, thank you very much for your super quality work. I will only come to you guys for any future work and will certainly recommend you to friends and fellow boaters!!


Chuck G.

Love it!

Chris, thank you so much….love it!


Mike M.

Incredible attention to detail…technical savvy

Chris, we want to thank you once again for your incredible attention to detail, technical savvy coupled with outstanding customer service. Adam as well, was “First Class” with the installation. It is just a shame that we will not be able to enjoy this new MFD platform but the hope will be that the prospective new owner will. I will pass along all of your contact information as well as the optional $199 chart card if they want to add that to the Axiom Pro.


Mitch and Connie H.

Worked great…amazing benefit

Ryan, this is a quick note to say thanks for all the great work last fall. We sailed a little over 1700 nm through the fall and early spring and the electronics package held up wonderfully. We are now in Miami and wanted to reach out to let you know everything worked great, and that having these instruments was an amazing benefit.


Scott A.

MTS has loyal customers in us

Ryan C. my man! It looks great. You guys really killed it. I am very happy with the end product. It’s going to be so much more straight forward. Don’t get me wrong, the German uber-sleek panel with its cute little buttons has its appeal… visually. But a good portion of those button images I had trouble figuring out what they did. But seriously, you have been great. This project was not anything either of us thought it would be. But in the end, it was the very best option. Because now, we’ll never have to worry about going through that crazy dead-end search for those parts ever again. MTS has loyal customers in us. Thank you for your dedication to this project.


Joe R.

Highest quality work

Pictures looks awesome Ryan C.. I love it. Thank you. You and your group are always delivering the highest quality work and I appreciate it:)


Mel R.

Fair, detailed invoice

I was having trouble with my chart plotters. This was a huge bummer because they were only about two years old. They were freezing up and crashing. I called the manufacturer a few times and they told me to send them in for checking. Not a delightful option. I talked to MTS. They quickly confirmed that one of the units needs to go back to the manufacturer. They sent it out. They hooked me up so I could use the boat in the meantime. They explained a lot of the confusing stuff going on. The manufacturer was slow. MTS offered to push on it and try to get it taken care of. Just as it was getting frustrating, MTS called to say everything is fixed, and the unit is back in good order on my boat. The billing was fair or better than fair. MTS did a good job remembering my key combination, putting the key back, and putting everything back to where it was before this inconvenience. A few weeks later I had another issue, this time batteries, and MTS was similarly helpful and took care of it the same day I called (with excellent communication and a fair, detailed invoice).


Robert L.


Excellent Electrical Work!


Jonathan R.

Chesapeake Bay Magazine…again, MTS was voted Best Marine Electrician

Liz and I just received Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s 2019 Best of the Bay awards. Not too surprising and totally correct is that, again, MTS was voted Best Marine Electrician of the Bay. Congratulations, Ryan, you and your crew truly are THE BEST. We appreciate all of the good work you do for our boat.


Al and Liz S.

Great insights and recommendations…professional and quality work

Ryan M., it has been a real pleasure working with your company and I look forward to working with you again in the future. I appreciated working with your team at MTS and feel I really received quality services from everyone. It started with me getting an appointment to meet with Ryan C., who by the way, is really a great guy for your company to have as a first meet with customers. As I was explaining what we were looking for to improve my charging system and adding an inverter, he quickly recognized what we needed and added some really great insights and recommendations. I immediately felt comfortable and knew you were the folks I wanted to work with. From his initial assessment when he came to the boat to the final completion of the installation, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Ryan C. had Andy J. come out to do much of the installation and once again the quality of your team was immediately apparent. Andy’s talents and knowledge of what was out there were demonstrated throughout the installation and wiring. He was the individual who was aware of a mounting product Victron had available and it fit in really well with mounting the monitors. I truly enjoyed seeing him each day and know I probably bothered him with my questions but he, and Ryan C., were great at taking the time to answer me and make me feel comfortable. I wish I was better at adequately expressing my satisfaction and appreciation for the work that was done. This is a project I have been trying to get done for the last couple of years and I feel fortunate to have found MTS. I have already talked with a number of folks and told them what a great job you all did and I will highly recommend MTS to anyone who needs professional and quality work done on their boat.


Bob N.


You all are the best.


Paul W.


I looked over the work that was done last weekend – very professional, clean, exactly what I was looking for! And we were able to start the engine after two nights on the hook. Magic. I knew the invoice would be more than originally quoted, and I’m happy to pay. And, thanks again for taking on a non-standard project.


Adam C.

Real asset

Steve completed the repairs today. He was early, hardworking, a good communicator, and very careful. He’s a real asset to your organization. Thanks for the commitment to getting the radar working.


Mark C.

Great results

Indeed, great results. The Axiom displays have more in terms of features than I expected (including Predictwind) and the radar is nothing short of phenomenal. Clean job. Many thanks. Best of luck with your business.


Adriaan V.

Continued great service

Thanks much for your continued great service.


Mike F.


Hi Andy-thank you for the update on the solar install. Sounds like everything went very smooth. It was great to meet and talk to you this past Monday. You are a wonderful representative for MTS.


Ray H.

Great skill…exceptionally patient…expertly executed outcome

Ryan-I am writing to commend you for the project that MTS is completing on my sailboat this week. The outcome is exactly what I was hoping to achieve. The new electronics, DC panel, battery system upgrade and mast wiring were expertly executed. The wiring is organized, labeled and clean for a lifetime of enjoyment. It has been a pleasure working with Chris Lodor who first came aboard last summer and has stuck with me in planning and executing the upgrades. He has a nice way of patiently listening to a boat owner’s dreams and gently guiding prioritization and planning of a rational project scope and sequencing. I had some wrong-headed ideas and Chris eased me away from them by explaining a better path to my user goals. I started with a budget and I exceeded it significantly but that was entirely my choice. I always had Chris’ project by project cost estimate before I made a commitment. My budget expanded because I made upgrades or grew the scope of what I wanted to do. I never felt that MTS was gold plating or padding the work order and I never got surprised by change orders. That communication takes time on your end but it really increased my confidence in your service. And of course, working with Steve Young was a real pleasure. My pre-conception of MTS and perhaps all marine electronics contractors is they are powerboat oriented. As soon as I learned that Steve is a sailor, I was confident that he knew what I had onboard and what needed to be done to complete my upgrades. Steve was exceptionally patient in listening to my thoughts on an issue and demonstrated a great skill at turning me from wrong-headed notions back to the correct course of action. I could communicate easily with Steve by text and email and phone. That is how I run my own business and my personal life. It is not easy to communicate that way with my doctors, dentists, accountants and auto mechanics to say nothing about the entire marine industry. MTS, Chris and Steve have embraced this modern communication routine and it made for a better customer experience. I know it is time consuming and distracting to have customers communicating all the time but you guys allow it and make it work and that made me confident and relaxed. MTS is a high quality service provider and you have every reason to be proud of your organization and your team.


Warren D.

Transformed our boat

Just wanted to update you on the upgrades you installed. I finally got around to putting a clamp-on ammeter on the leads feeding into the solar controllers a few weeks ago and got 8+ amps on four panels and 6+ on the other (assume partially shaded). See all three controllers on the color control display and regularly see 480-520 watts. The house battery bank is charged to 100% every day when the sun goes down. We never have to run an engine or generator to charge the batteries. We can make water and ice all day when the sun is shining ( it shines here all the time).
Ryan McQueeney – thank you for talking me into the 2000 watt inverter. We now have an Instant Pot, single cup coffee maker, and small microwave oven. These appliances have drastically reduced our propane consumption, and it no longer matters if we totally run out. And they are powered by the solar panels – all good. This is a huge improvement for us.
Andy Johnson – awesome installation and customer support!! I’m at my nav station all the time editing photos and preparing posts with all the stuff plugged in. AIS works great, all the instruments work great, and although lightly used the SSB seems to work fine and will be the backup should the Iridium Go die for some reason.
Thanks guys! You transformed our boat from a used charter boat to a very capable cruising boat. We’re enjoying it every day.


Bill and Mary Beth M.


Thank you, Ryan. My system is working great. Andy was amazing and did a great job.


Al L.

Excellent workmanship

You and your crew did a fantastic job on the installation. I sincerely appreciate the excellent workmanship.


Jack C.

The best

You guys are the best. Always a pleasure to work with.


Paul W.

Good advice

I met your tech at the boat yesterday. He does good work, gives good advice and is nice and professional to work with.


John M.


Chris, we really appreciate your help on these issues. You and your staff have been wonderful to us.


John S.

Rating…if 10 the maximum, …award you with 12

Thank you very much for your help with this issue. I am happy that Roger can show now a boat with a running system! If there were ratings for electronic companies in the nautical business and if 10 would be the maximum, I would award you with 12… And I appreciate very much that you don’t only fix the bug, but that you inform the customer what was the problem and how you did it. Many thanks again.


Rudi F.

A pleasure

Thanks MTS – a pleasure. Will make sure we use you guys for all things electronic in the future.


Patrick M.

Excellent customer service

Thanks so much. You folks saved me quite a lot of headaches by going to my marina and pulling the unit to be repaired. Excellent customer service too.


Barry T.

Great work

Thanks for the great work in getting my boat back in service.


Bill W.

Excellent job…installation and follow up

Andy did an excellent job on both the installation and follow up. It was a pleasure working with him.


Bill S.

Pleasure working with MTS

It was a pleasure working with MTS.


Alan W.

New LED lights…loved them!

We were out on a four day cruise last week and I casually asked my wife how she liked the new LED lights over the stove and in the galley. She said that she loved them! Just thought you would like to hear that.


Doug W.

The BEST!!!!!!!!

Excellent job. Everything works without interruption with a great signal…you are the BEST!!!!!!!!


Mark M.

Quality of customer service and expertise…great reputation

We would like to express our thanks to the staff of MTS and specifically to Ryan C. for his assistance. He was key in bringing back the satellite system on our Hatteras. He also came to program our televisions following the break-in on our boat. He provided us with a remote as ours was stolen as well. This quality of customer service and expertise speaks to the great reputation of MTS. We simply wanted to reiterate our thanks and appreciation.


Dan and Rose K.

Pride in their work…personal attention

Chris, I want to thank you for the electronics installation you completed on our boat. You and your technicians are first class professionals who exceeded my expectations for the work performed. When you and the technician arrived aboard last Monday, my confidence was raised with the manner you protected all surfaces. The time you spent walking me through equipment selection, quotations, installation recommendations and answering my many questions was very appreciated. The work was performed with deliberate planning and it was clear you and your team’s knowledge of Hallberg Rassy’s resulted in a very neat and professional installation. I also appreciate the technicians walking me through the installation yesterday when finishing up. It was clear to me they took pride in their work. Finally, thank you for your personal attention and doing the final turn over to me this morning. I am confident the new navigational equipment will greatly assist me in my trip back up to Greenport NY. Let me know if you ever need a reference. I would be happy to provide it to you.


Dennis P.

Recommend you to fellow great loopers

Your guys were great. I will recommend you to our fellow great loopers.


Douglas B.